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It is primordial to clearly state the distinction between adversity and hardship. This is a distinction we like to make in AXIORII, with the purpose of achieving clarity of thought and self-awareness.


These concepts do not necessarily align with the exact definition of the words, but they serve as a conceptual ideology to frame the nature of our perception. By organizing concepts and breaking down the nature of things we can better identify if the situation should be dealt with as hardship or as adversity. 

Adversity will be treated with an inclination towards growth, self-mastery and a mental attitude towards excellence.

Hardship will be treated as a guide for self-regulation in unavoidable situations that must be endured face on and requires of us to shift our perception to lessen our suffering.

*If you seek ways to endure adversity and overcome it, go into “ADVERSITY”* 




Both of these concepts are turn of events that can be interpreted as unfortunate. However, the distinction lies in adversity's being turn of events caused as a result of difficulties and obstacles faced in the pursuit of something, as opposed to hardship where it is bestowed upon us unwillingly, yet it must be endured. 

  • Adversity has a degree of self-infliction, for as we always hold the option to choose otherwise and look for alternatives. Examples would be: failed attempts to get into our dream job, having to restart a project from scratch, our car breaking down (as we can take trains, uber or buses / making it unessential), etc… 

  • Hardships are in relation to essential things for survival such as disease, injuries or most importantly emotions caused after a misfortune/adversity. Separate from most material possessions; more in relation to an impediment to what consists of our true possessions, the thoughts and actions that determine our experience of life.

This introduces very well an important part of enduring all types of misfortune, the power of perception and what we view as essential. Of which we must first understand before actively applying our methods for self-regulation. (HARDSHIP)

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